Valentine’s Desserts Box


Love is the air! Celebrate valentine’s day in style this year with our dessert selection box. Will you be able to share it with your love one?

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The set includes:

  • Dark Chocolate Mouse, set on a red velvet sponge base, caramel and milk chocolate feuillantine base and glaze with a rocher milk chocolate glacage. (sparkling 24 carrats leaves gold)
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake Dome, glaze with a shinny pink glaze and top with a chocolate edible topper.
  • Chocolate and Strawberry Tart, rich in cacao pastry tart shell, filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache, topped by a strawberry curd, and glaze to perfection. decorated with fresh strawberry and edible chocolate fan.
  • Chocolate Eclairs, the most of the must. Dark chocolate creme patissiere filling, topped with caramel dulcey balls, chocolate shavings and and an edible chocolate topper.
  • Mille Feuilles, 1000’s layers of love. Extra flaky puff pastry strips to hold a delicious vanilla creme patissiere layers, topped with fondant and sprinkles.



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